Stress & Anxiety Coaching

Pressure is normal: it can help keep us sharp, motivated and focussed. However, when this pressure leads us to feel stressed and is ongoing, day in and day out, then we need to find a way to change how we respond to it.

Dealing with workload or juggling the demands of work and family can have a negative impact on our lives where we never feel totally relaxed or be able to just enjoy everyday life and moments. We feel irritable, maybe angry, we have disturbed sleep or muscle tension. We might become withdrawn or feel constantly exhausted.

Anxiety can be due to us worrying incessantly about our kids or our ageing parents. It can be worrying about your work or relationships. It can be worrying about situations where you have no control; worrying about things that might never happen, overthinking every situation. It can stop you living the life you would like and from achieving what you know you are capable of. It can leave you feeling drained; thoughts constantly whizzing around your head, feelings of frustration, headaches, disturbed sleep.

Coaching is a powerful, positive framework which helps you explore these feelings of stress and anxiety. Being able to control and manage these will allow you to feel calmer, more confident in what you can achieve, have a sense of balance, better perspective and able to think rationally. 


I will give you support, tools and techniques to move forward and the rest comes from you; all you need is to want change to happen.


I hold a Diploma in Life Coaching with NLP which is fully accredited by the National Council of Psychotherapists. All sessions are confidential and I am fully insured.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), is understanding how the mind works, it is a set of insights and skills which can help us to manage our thoughts, moods and behaviours and allowing us to become more self-aware and to communicate more effectively.

As your coach I believe it is my job to support you in developing your skills and strengths, develop your confidence and belief and enable you to achieve your goals.



" Dawn was brilliant at helping me to shape my goal of trying to install structure in my busy routine so that I could have some time to myself. Given all the pressures of work and managing a home life with children, it was not always easy to feel entirely successful, but Dawn helped me to see that flexibility was key to not increasing my stress levels when I felt things were not going my way." 

"Dawn helped me become aware of triggers for stress and taught me several very effective techniques to intervene to stop it from rising. I use them all the time now!"

"Dawn is very professional and is so easy to talk to.She has given me really effective techniques to help with my anxiety and low self-esteem."  




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